The rooms

Saint Augustin clinic has “VIP”, “comfort” or “simple” rooms. It is preferable to inform the clinic before your admittance day to reserve you the room of your choice, then we will do our best to satisfy your request at our earliest convenience. Otherwise, we will hardly try to satisfy your request depending on our availabilities. You can henceforth check our rooms’ prices.

All rooms are individual, air-conditioned and have television with a remote control which will be given for a daily additional cost.


It is possible to keep one from your close relatives near to you or to stay near to your child during his hospitalization, thus, a second bed will be placed in the room and invoiced in addition to the ordinary hospitalization’s charges. Those prices are available in this website.

Your departure

Your medical record’s undertaker, either doctor or surgery, decides your departure day. Thus, the nursing officer will organize your departure. At the time of your leaving, the nursing department will hand you your medical documents such as: radiography, laboratory examinations, electrocardiograms, prescriptions…

All patients who leave the clinic without respecting the medical notice, have to sign a discharge to free the clinic and its practitioners from all responsibility.