Admittance further a consultation or an appointment

Please inform the clinic about your entrance day by telephone or by the following e-mail address in order to make your admittance easier and to reserve you your preferred room, either equipped with a second bed or not .

Since your arrival, you will be taken to the reception. Please do not forget to bring the above admittance documents to follow up the necessary procedures.


Emergency admittance

Our emergency department is available 24h/24h. Doctor on call or named staff will only check the essential information for admittance in order to provide the patient the most rapid emergency care.The admittance formalities must be completed by your own self or by a member from your family in the next 24 hours of your admittance day.

Supports/ Insurances/ Agreements

If you have a support through your employer and issued through an agreement with the clinic, or in the case of a work-related accident, please do not forget to provide it with all supporting documents.

If you have a foreign insurance (exp. CFE), please contact your insurance organism since your admittance and inform the clinic’s manager about it.

If you don’t have an insurance or a support through a claims department, the admittance procedures will include a financial guarantee as a down payment.