Turning your meals into real privileged moments and making the taste and quality contribute in improving your stay are considered as a sacred commitment for Saint Augustin clinic.

Therefore, our catering staff includes only “healthy” catering specialists who work in close collaboration with the clinic’s nutrition and the dietetics unit.

It is consequently possible to choose your meal without neglecting the prescribed diet by your doctor.

It is possible to choose your meal whatever your medical particular diet (salt-free, without dripping, diabetic, with modified texture).

These are daily menus examples :

Day 1
  • Lunch : Varied salad, Mini break, a chosen dish, grilled fish, Turkey hen popiette, grilled chicken, caneloni with spinach, macédoine or mashed potatoes, fresh fruits.
  • Dinner : Soup, Cucumber and tomatoes salad, a chosen dish, grilled chicken, grilled steak, grilled escalope with spinach and carrots or mashed potatoes, fresh fruits.
Day 2
  • Lunch : hors d’oeuvre toasts, a chosen dish, Couscous with chicken, grilled escalope, grilled steak with other meals of your choice, gratin dauphinois, grilled tomatoes or mashed potatoes, fresh fruits.
  • Dinner : Vegetable cream and salad of tomatoes, a chosen dish, Spanish omelette, provençal fish, grilled escalope, French bean, baked or mashed tomatoes, confectioner’s custard
Day 3
  • Lunch : Rice and terrine Salad, a chosen dish, Turkey hen cassolette, grilled escalope, grilled chicken with a choice of pastry, sauté or mashed vegetables, fresh fruits.
  • Dinner : Stock and tajine with cheese, a chosen dish, grilled escalope, grilled steak or coucha of fish with a choice of a cream with spinach or mashed potatoes; cake and sundae.