Chech-up Formulas

Well-being and quality of life are now a necessity. Even if you feel healthy, a health check can be useful because it allows to be better informed about your risks. At every age the risks are different. With time the risk of various diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, etc ..) increase.

The health check up offers testing appropriate to your age and gender, risk factors related to your family history, your lifestyle, your medical history and your regular medical care.

The Saint Augustin clinic offers various checkups adapted to the age and sex.

Checkup type 1 : General Checkup (400 DT)

Depth consultation with a doctor
Complete biological checkup :

  • Analysis of renal function and liver function and uric acid
  • Search inflammation, anemia: NFS, platelets, ESR, CRP
  • Metabolic checkup : total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar
  • Kidney: serum sodium, serum potassium, creatinine, serum protein
  • Liver: AST-ALT, Gamma GT, alkaline phosphatase
  • Uric acid
  • Serum calcium
  • Sugar urinalysis, albumin, cytology
  • Haemocult: search for blood in the stool

Other tests:

  • X-ray chest
  • Electrocardiogramme de repos
  • Echographie abdomino-pelvienne

Bilan type 4 : Bilan cardiaque (800DT)

Pour les femmes de plus de 55 ans et les hommes de plus de 45 ans

  • Exploration cardiaque faite par un cardiologue
  • Bilan biologique complet
  • Etude des urines : microalbuminurie, sucre, cytologie
  • Indice de masse corporelle
  • Électrocardiogramme au repos
  • Monitoring de la pression artérielle
  • Échodoppler des troncs supra-aortiques avec mesure de l’épaisseurintima-média
  • Échographie-doppler cardiaque
  • Électrocardiogramme d’effort avec évaluation de la capacité à l’effort
  • Hotler rythmique ou tensionnel