Carthage archbishop has created on 1933 the first establishment of private care in Tunisia intended to receive and treat all patients, without any kind of racial, national or confessional discrimination.

Thus, the private hospital’s doors are opening abreast of the park of Belvédère ; an avant-garde private hospital, turning a technical wherewithal of high quality into a high-performance medical team…
A modern establishment, warm and perfectly equipped: a private hospital in the service of life.

The private hospital gets involved in a continuous procedure for improving its service and care in order to be such as a “home” opened to everybody :

  • 1983 : The private hospital enlarges its activities of extern cares and opens the Saint Augustin medical center.
  • 1991 : The institution is equipped with medical imaging unit particularly sophisticated in the way to improve the effectiveness of the medical care and to acquire the most precise medical diagnostics.
  • 2000-2001 : Two new units had seen the light: proctology unit and brunt support unit, both led by eminent specialist teams, avant-garde in the free circulation medicine.
Thus, by meeting the most severe requirements of comfort, reception, performance and security, the private hospital is ranked among the best of the care establishments in Tunisia.


The emergency service is available continuously by an emergency doctor
present 24h/24h within the Clinic.
Phone. : (+216) 50 50 83 83 - (+216) 71783 033 - (+216) 71 791 093