The operational team of hospital hygiene and nosocomial infection’s prevention (EOH) is in the service of the establishment urging the nosocomial infection’s prevention.
  • Prevention :
    It participates, in cooperation with the concerned services, in the elaboration of the technical recommendations, ensuring its diffusion and performance, collaboration for the assessment of its execution.
  • Epidemiological supervising and epidermic phenomenon check :
    It manages the collection and the supervising of the data processing; it performs examinations and intervenes in the unexpected or onset events and participates in executing orderly measures related to the hygiene matter.
  • Training and information :
    The team coordinates and participates in teaching the professionals in the field of the infectious management.
  • Expertise :
    The team plays a part of an expert in the infections risk’s management, and intervenes in the choice of the methodologies related to the several actions to be undertaken.
  • Assessment :
    The team is responsible for carrying out and assessing the programme of the fight against the nosocomial illnesses approved and worked out by the private hospital. It participates in the assessment of the professional practice related to the infectious risks.

The operational team of the hospital hygiene and nosocomial illnesses (EOH) is the in service of the establishment for urging the nosocomial infection’s prevention.