The operating department includes 2 units, with 4 operating theatres :

  • Aseptic unit named Department A with 3 operating theatres.
  • A septic unit named Department B, independent, with an operating theatre, instruments’ cleaning room and observation ward.

The operating theatres are equipped in accordance with the surgical specialities:

  • DEPARTMENT A : Orthopaedic surgery | Traumatological surgery | Vascular surgery | Severe surgery Cosmetic surgery | Thoracic surgery | General surgery | Digestive surgery (+laparoscopic) | Gynaecological surgery (+laparoscopic) | Urologic surgery (+laparoscopic) for adults and children
  • DEPARTMENT B : Chirurgie septique + proctologie

The operating departments are equipped for insuring the best patients’ support : monitors of scope supervising, full equipment for laparoscopic surgery with camera and monitor, source of cold light, laparoscopic instrumentation, urology, orthopaedics…