The following medical documents will be given to you at your clinic’s leaving day:

Documents at your leaving

At your leaving day, we will deliver you a prescription with all useful information to continue your aftercare. It will particularly point out, if necessary, your exact next consulting day.

Your hospitalization report

It will be given to your prescribing doctor with all additional documents useful to your follow-up treatment and it is possible to deliver you a duplicate.

Your medical record

It particularly specifies your hospitalization’s object and it includes several documents. It is possible to provide your prescribing doctor a copy from that document, if you require it. There are also among :

  • The hospitalization report specifying the diagnosis at your leaving.
  • The conclusions of the main examinations.
  • The explorations and the complementary examinations reports.
  • The indications and the precautions for the follow up treatment.
  • The operating report(s).
  • The documents related to the anaesthesia.
  • The therapeutic prescription including the documents related to the clinic’s leaving and the documents mentioning the blood transfusion.
  • If any…. all other important documents (negatives etc..)
It is possible to immediately obtain all that medical documents through an appointment or to send it to you by mail further to a written request.
Attention: for confidential reason, those documents will be delivered to you exclusively.