Liposuction Tunisia: our opinion on the different methods

    It has developed considerably in recent years to the point where it has become the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed today.

    This boom is explained by the legitimate quest for a perfect figure, but above all by the appearance of new liposuction techniques, which we will discuss in this article.

    Liposuction can be performed on one or more areas of the body, although liposuction of the abdomen and thighs is still the most popular.

    Liposuction prices

    The price in Tunisia varies between 1800 and 2500 euros depending on the liposuction technique used.

    The price of liposuction in France is obviously higher. It varies from one surgeon to another but also according to the number of areas and the method used.

    The methods we use the most are standard liposuction and vaser lipo, which allows for real liposculpture of the figure.

    Vaser lipo or HD (High Definition) liposuction is for people who are looking for perfection.

    It is more expensive because it requires more work and the use of sophisticated equipment.

    Vaser lipo Tunisia

    We will discuss the surgical techniques: standard liposuction and vaser lipo and try to explain the differences between these two techniques and their indications.

    We will also discuss medical methods.

    But before describing them, and in order to better understand their effects, let's look at some specific notions about the distribution of fat in the human body.

    Distribution of fat in the body

    We have two types of adipose tissue:

       -Visceral or deepfat is located inside the abdomen, in the peritoneal cavity and therefore under the abdominal muscles.

    It is the most dangerous because of the various chronic diseases it can cause when the body mass index (BMI) exceeds 35.

    It can only be eliminated by a well-managed slimming diet.

    Distribution of abdominal fat

     - Subcutaneous fat, as its name suggests, is located under the skin. It is perfectly visible and palpable to the touch, but has no impact on the BMI.

    Its most superficial layer is responsible for what is known as cellulite or orange peel skin.

    Its impact is mainly aesthetic and it can be eliminated by liposuction techniques.

    Its location in women is gynoid, particularly on the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks.

    In men, it is android and will mainly affect the upper body: the stomach and chest. 

    Let us now look at the different techniques, both medical and surgical, while making it clear from the outset that the latter are obviously the most effective.

    Standard Liposuction in Tunisia

    This is the mother technique, the best known and most practiced.

    It can target one or more areas, including the stomach, love handles, saddlebags and thighs.

    And since progress and science never stop, more and more requests are made for knees, arms and even chins and faces.

    Its indication is the presence of localized fat deposits that are resistant to the various types of slimming diets.

    Two conditions are necessary and sufficient to obtain a good result

    . The indication will have to be well placed.

    In other words, the fatty deposits must be localised and the surrounding skin must be sufficiently firm and elastic to retract and stick to the underlying tissues.

    In the case of sagging skin, the indication is an abdominoplasty.

       . The second important point to know is that liposuction is like many other operations operator dependent.

    This is not the most complicated procedure in cosmetic surgery, far from it. That said, it requires a meticulousness and above all a patience that not all practitioners have.

    Therefore, I strongly advise you to go to plastic surgeons who perform liposuction on a daily basis in order to achieve the desired result.

    Among our practitioners, we have one of the greatest liposuction specialists in Tunisia.

    Liposuction Tunisia

    Liposuction technique

    I am not going to develop it here, you will find plenty of articles on the web about it. I will simply try to answer the most common questions.

    Let's just say that it consists in sucking out the fat through small incisions of 2 to 3 mm in hidden areas: folds or umbilicus.

    The recovered fat can be reinjected into the buttocks to perform BBL or buttock lipofilling.

    Main questions about liposuction

       - Liposuction: specific features depending on the area

    Liposuction can be performed on one or more areas of the body. 

    What you need to know is that the firmer the skin and the denser the fat, the easier the technique will be and the better the results.

    Thus, it will be easier to treat the outer sides of the thighs, also called saddlebags, than the inner sides where the skin is generally thinner.

    This also applies to the love handles, where the elasticity of the skin is better than on the stomach if the latter is a little slack. 

          . Liposuction of the belly:

    Often coupled with liposuction of the love handles, this is the area most often requested.

    Liposuction belly Tunisia

    The aim is to remove stubborn fat despite weight loss in order to achieve a flat stomach.

    The amount of fat removed will depend on the quality of the skin on the stomach.

    When the skin is sufficiently firm, liposuction of the belly gives excellent results.

    When there is a discreet slackening, it is better to opt for a vaser lipo.

    When the skin is too loose, liposuction alone will worsen the sagging. In this case, a tummy tuck will be necessary.

          . Liposuction of the thighs:

    The anatomical features of the thigh mean that the skin is firmer on the anterior and external surfaces than on the internal and posterior surfaces.  

    It follows that in the latter, less elastic areas, care must be taken with the quantities removed, otherwise waves may be created.

    Liposuction of the anterior and lateral sides, also known as saddlebags, is easier and gives better results.

          . Other areas:

    Liposuction can be performed on almost any part of the body: the back, knees, arms, neck.

    In men, gynecomastia can also benefit from liposuction.

    Liposuction gynecomastia Tunisia

       - What type of anaesthesia?

    Usually general but it is also possible to have an epidural for the lower part of the figure.

    At the Saint-Augustin Clinic in Tunisia, we do not recommend local anaesthesia as it is uncomfortable for both the patient and the surgeon.

       - How many litres can be removed?

    The volume is variable, up to 4 or 5 litres. In fact, the most important thing is to ensure that the fat removed is pure. As soon as it becomes mixed with blood, it should be stopped.

    This situation is more frequently seen during liposuction recoveries because the fat has become hard and fibrous. It is in these situations that vaser lipo is most appropriate.

       - Is lipoapiration painful?

    For the first few days yes, and you will need to take painkillers, but don't exaggerate, it's quite bearable.

       - Why did I increase in size after my liposculpture?

    This is common and is due to the presence of lymphatic fluid which occupies all the space left by the fat in the space between the muscles and the skin.

    Wearing the girdle and lymphatic drainage sessions will help to reattach the skin and make the fluid disappear.

       - Is there a risk of waves or wavy skin?

    A well done liposculpture does not cause any skin irregularities.

    They are due to the suction of the most superficial areas of fatty tissue, particularly in areas where the skin is not sufficiently elastic. These areas are the inner thigh, the inner arms and the stomach.

    On the other hand, on the outer side of the thigh or saddlebags and the love handles, the fat is dense and the skin firm, hence the minimal risk of waves.

       - When can we talk about a definitive result?

    After 6 months, the swelling will have completely disappeared and very few changes may still occur. This is the time to definitively evaluate the result of a liposuction.

       - Can I have liposuction on the same areas again?

    This is perfectly feasible, but it should be noted that the fibrosis caused by the first operation will make the aspiration more bloody and the fat more difficult to remove.

    In this indication, we strongly recommend the use of vaser lipo which, by liquefying the fatty tissue, will make its extraction much easier.

    Motorised or assisted liposculpture

    It is exactly the same principle as the previous one except that the surgeon, holding the cannula, will use a machine reproducing his manual movements.

    Announced as a great revolution when it first appeared, it did not last long.

    Vaser liposuction in Tunisia or ultrasound liposuction

    vaser lipo belly Tunisia

    We regularly perform this technique in our clinic in Tunisia and I must admit that it is very popular with us as far as results are concerned, especially for people who are looking for perfection.

    Its principle is the liquefaction of the fat by ultrasound waves before it is sucked up.

    The fatty tissue that has become liquid is easily mobilised to the point that it can be evacuated through small holes by simply pressing on the skin.

    Vaser lipo requires the use of an ultrasound device connected by a cable to a cannula. The cannula is inserted through 2 or 3 mm incisions that will also be used later for liposuction.

    Ultrasound waves are delivered to the areas to be treated for 10 to 15 minutes per region.

    Ultrasound device Tunisia

    Once all the areas have been treated, we start the classical liposculpture.

    But if it is a longer technique, about twice as long as standard liposuction, what is the point?

    Vaser liposuction is less traumatic because the mobilisation of liquid fat is easier.

    Moreover, ultrasound only attacks the fat cells while preserving the surrounding tissues and in particular the blood vessels.

    The consequence is that it will be less bleeding, less post-operative bruising and swelling, thus allowing for a faster recovery.

    Vaser lipo allows the treatment of the most superficial fat layers responsible for cellulite. These areas cannot be corrected by standard liposuction without causing skin irregularities.

    The results are better, allowing the figure to be refined in a precise manner. It is not for nothing that it is called HD or high definition liposuction.

    Vaser lipo Tunisia

    However, this method has very specific indications and is absolutely not to be performed on people who wish to remove large amounts of fat.

    We recommend it in the following cases:

        - Liposuction revision

       - People who want to slim down their figure in a meticulous way in order to restore the chocolate bars in men or the V iliacus in women.

        - Gynecomastia in men to avoid surgery.

       - People who want to return to work quickly because vaser lipo is less bleeding and less traumatic than the mother technique.

    Let's look at non-invasive methods.

    Smart lipo

    Here, the method consists of using the laser to heat and burn the fat, leading to its destruction and progressive elimination.

    Metabolised by the liver, the fatty deposits are gradually eliminated by the kidneys.

    The technique consists of inserting a thin cannula through which a rod connected to the laser device is threaded.

    High-temperature laser energy waves are delivered, heating up the fat cells to destroy them.

    The smart lipo has the advantage of treating the superficial fatty layers while allowing the skin to be retracted thanks to the laser.

    It is minimally traumatic and results in a rapid recovery after the operation.

    Its disadvantage is that it can only treat very localised areas and that you will have to wait to see the result.

    Also known as laser lipolysis, it targets the most superficial layers of the fatty tissue, allowing the skin to retract and reattach to the underlying tissue.

    Now that we have seen the effect of heat, what about cold?


    Also known as coolsculpting, it aims to destroy fat cells by cold.

    By means of a suction cup effect, a hand piece called a cryode, connected to a cryolipolysis device, is applied to the fatty bulge to be treated.

    Cryolipolysis Tunisia

    Once the bead is wedged inside the cryode, the machine will deliver a temperature of -5 to -8 degrees for about an hour.

    The result is a destruction of the fat cells which will be progressively eliminated by the kidneys over several weeks.

    The total fat loss will be 20 to 30% of the treated area.

    The result is obviously not immediate.

    The advantage of this method is that it avoids surgery.

    Its disadvantage is that it requires 2 or 3 sessions for each area.